Here are some of the customer reviews we received:

Maria J.

Atlanta, GA.

My employer 'suggested' I attend a class in order to get the PMP. I have been running projects for over 25 years. I did not expect to learn as much in class as I did - which will help me running my projects. Passing the test was just icing on the cake.

Ben M.

Austin, TX.

The instructor made the class really interesting; I thought to myself multiple times 'how could the last few hours have flown by so fast?'.

Erik S.

New York, NY

I highly recommend their classes; this is my second certification class now. Passed both on the first try.

Maria A.

Seattle, WA.

I don't know why I hesitated so long before taking the class. Passing the PMP is not that hard. You attend the class; you do the mock questions after the class is over; you take the test; you pass. In retrospect, I do not understand how I let my colleagues scare me into not taking the test for so long.

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